The Platinum Study – A message from Professor Robert Huddart

Dr Victoria Harris, Dr Melissa Tan and Dr Robert Huddart worked on the IMPART trial
Dr Victoria Harris, Dr Melissa Tan and Dr Robert Huddart worked on the IMPART trial

“We are so grateful to The Josh Carrick Foundation and all your amazing fundraisers and supporters for funding research at The Royal Marsden to help improve the quality of life for testicular cancer survivors. More people than ever are surviving testicular cancer, however many suffer from long-term side-effects like nerve damage and hearing loss. Your donations are helping us to investigate if genetics determine who will develop these severe symptoms, and the resulting information will help direct treatment so survivors can enjoy a better life after cancer. This life-changing research would not be possible without your support, and for that we are immensely thankful.” – Dr Robert Huddart

Our progress so far
We have recruited our first 40 participants and are recruiting four to five cancer survivors each week, meaning we are on target to recruit between 400-600 people. Each participant is asked to complete a questionnaire about their background and current health, supply a blood test, and undergo a hearing test.

Once we have collected all the samples, we will identify the variations in genes associated with causing permanent neurological damage. This will then be compared to the details of each person’s lifestyle, specifically highlighting who has or has not experienced toxic side-effects.

A better quality of life for survivors
Our goal is to develop a robust description of cisplatin-induced symptoms as well as genetic screening toolkits to predict who will experience symptoms before they receive treatment. Ultimately, we hope this work will better direct treatment to ensure survivors are able to enjoy life beyond cancer, as well as inspire the development of less toxic treatments for future patients.

This research has the real potential to change countless lives and it is only possible thanks to The Josh Carrick Foundation and all your wonderful supporters. On behalf of everyone at The Royal Marsden, we offer our most sincere gratitude to you for your incredible passion and dedication to raising funds for our project. Together, we will be able to make life more comfortable for patients and give them a future beyond cancer.