London to Brighton Challange


London to Brighton

Big congratulations to Joe, Steve and Dawn for completing the London to Brighton Challenge this weekend! It sounds like it was a truly epic journey.

Check out their video here:

It was bloody tough that’s all I can say it was the mud that just destroyed everyone, 60% of people pulled out! that’s crazy, at the 56km rest point there were so many people that were fainting or ill and the rain and mud was just energy zapping but we pushed on even though Steve’s feet were in pieces at the 25km mark! The other guy we were walking with from Steve’s work had to retire at 41km as he had sprained his ankle which was sad but we kept him in our thoughts.  Joe was just amazing! I didn’t expect anything less though haha always the happy optimistic one with loads of encouragement for everyone, always helping women on the gates etc even after a fall in the mud early on! He did so well and I’m so proud and pleased that we had him with us! I think I only hit a wall at 60 something when my sugar levels dropped and I had to have a little sit down in the rain and have a glucose tablet and take a moment but other than swearing at the mud (which there was so much off I can’t tell you) I was fine and determined to finish!
Steve hit lots of walls due to the pain he was going through and at 80km when he nearly crawled in on his hands and knees he was ready to give up and was set that’s what was happening, so I had to compose myself and let him know my thoughts on it all! and I managed to drag him up and smash through that wall, he found some inner strength from somewhere and we just smashed the next 7km to the 87km check point in like an hour and 10 mins!!!! Where my mum her partner and our son Joe were waiting as a surprise! That was all we all needed to give us strength to push on to the finish! 
The weather at this point was amazing sunny and very warm but the sights at the top of the South Downs were amazing and then the 3 of us started to have a jog!!! yep that’s right at 89 km we decided it would be good on our legs to jog so we started passing loads of people and giving encouragement to them all and then we got to the last mini checkpoint at 94km had a quick drink and food and pushed on.
We got to 2km and could hear the noise at the racecourse so we knew it was in our sights and then when we hit the main road in front of the racecourse and cars started to beep us I started to cry, it just all hit me and I couldn’t believe we had made it, so I cried all the way to the end lol seeing the finish line and then hearing our names being called out and that we were fundraising for The Josh Carrick Foundation was just amazing! I can’t describe that feeling of elation and relief, happiness and pride that I felt and the champagne was pretty bloody good too, I knocked that right back!

We are so proud to have been able to do this for you!
Dawn, Steve and Joe