2014 London Marathon

The Josh Carrick Foundation was lucky enough to secure 5 places at the 2014 London Marathon! Our runners raised over £7,000 and we can’t thank them enough for the investment they have made over the last few months, both in time and energy. Ben Bohane completed the course in 3 hours and 2 minutes, which in the heat of the day, was an incredible achievement and automatically qualifies him for next year’s race. Mark Barbour was unfortunately unable to complete the race though managed to run 30km before he was forced to retire. Lucy Pollard completed the course in 4:46 and James Hobday 3:50, both great times. Owing to a recent fall, Alice Wetherell could not start the race, though showing extremely awesome behaviour, continued to help others fundraise! Despite these setbacks it remains abundantly clear that all who ran, trained or fundraised on our behalf did so with a great deal of enthusiasm. We are currently looking for runners for the 2015 London Marathon so please get in touch!

Ben Bohane:
‘I watched a guy pull up less than 0.5 miles from the end and felt so sorry for him, his legs literally collapsed beneath him! After crossing the finish line my legs could barely hold me up, but the feeling of achievement was immense!’

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 Mark BarbourLucy Pollard