— The Josh Carrick Foundation

The Josh Carrick Foundation aims to become one of the leading contributors to testicular cancer research in the UK. Underpinning this ambition is an extraordinary group of people united in the common purpose of alleviating the suffering which testicular cancer inflicts.

Before succumbing to testicular cancer at aged 23, Josh Carrick was due to begin an exciting career at IBM, a company that has been central to the technological developments of the human race. Josh believed in the ability of science and technology to effect positive change and with this in mind, will inject funding directly into some of the most promising fields of research.

Josh was a truly wonderful and popular person who left a lasting impression on all who met him. His smile said it all. He had a great joy and passion for life. He showed this through his love of music and partying – as many of his school and university friends will testify.

By drawing on the expertise of the 12 Trustees and in partnership with Cancer Research UK, IBM and the University of Nottingham, we believe that we can become a significant force in the international fight against testicular cancer. With your help, we can have a lot of fun and stamp out this awful disease forever. Get involved with our events and come and meet the team!!!

Read our Who we are leaflet for more info: JCF Who we are Leaflet – 2014

JCF meets cancer researcher Dr Erik Sahai